Places to Grow Implementation Fund - 2015/16 Recipients

Places to Grow Implementation Fund recipients for 2015-16

Six projects were supported in 2015-16: 

  • Canadian Urban Institute: Developed a web portal and interactive map to build knowledge about the evolving landscape of mid-rise buildings in support of creating more complete communities and meeting broader Growth Plan objectives. The Mid-Rise Database and Interactive Web Portal showcases completed mid-rise developments of various designs and scales (between 4 and 12 stories) accross Mississauga and Markham. ($38,755)
  • Park People: Developed Thriving Places, a case study toolkit which was created as a response to the pressures of intensification, and the need to think creatively about parks and open space. A case study guide of innovative strategies that engage communities and create a connected public space system throughout the region was developed. ($33,000)

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