Urban Form Case Studies

The Ontario Growth Secretariat has released case studies of recently completed projects that illustrate key policies in the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe.  These projects were selected because they:

  • illustrate density targets established in the Growth Plan
  • support nearby transit, encourage walking, and are mixed use 
  • demonstrate high quality urban design and built form
  • are highly marketable, economically successful, and award-winning
  • are in climate zones similar to the Greater Golden Horseshoe

They are organized under the following categories: 

Residential / Mixed-Use:  150+ Residents and Jobs per Hectare
Residential / Mixed-Use:  50-150 Residents and Jobs per Hectare
Employment Lands
Intensification Corridors
Public Realm Improvements

Link to the most recently added urban form case studies:

We encourage you to download these case studies to inform your work, to use as a platform for discussion and to share with your community, colleagues, and decision-makers.

Please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  with suggestions for future case studies.

Residential / Mixed Use: 150+ Residents and Jobs per Hectare 

Portico - Vancouver, British Columbia link opens new window (PDF document, opens a new window PDF 3.9 MB)
A successful transformation of an underused brownfield site into a higher density, pedestrian friendly, transit-supportive, mixed-use, infill development.

Selkirk Waterfront Community - Victoria, British Columbia link opens new window (PDF document, opens a new window PDF 6.5 MB)
An award-winning, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use, brownfield redevelopment project that includes affordable housing, green building and site development, the integration of employment and institutional uses, and urban intensification.

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Residential / Mixed Use: 50-150 Residents and Jobs per Hectare

Port Credit Village, Phase 1 - Mississauga, Ontario  link opens new window (PDF document, opens a new window PDF 6.3 MB)
An award-winning brownfield redevelopment that intensifies an established main street and residential area, within a ten-minute walk of a commuter rail station.

Holiday Neighborhood - Boulder, Colorado link opens new window (PDF document, opens a new window PDF 3.8 MB)
An award-winning redevelopment of a greyfield site into a residential, mixed-use community that is energy efficient and includes a substantial amount of affordable housing.

Garrison Woods - Calgary, Alberta link opens new window (PDF document, opens a new window PDF 3.4 MB)
An award-winning redevelopment of a greyfield site into a residential, mixed-use community with a strongly articulated public open space system.

Artscape Wychwood Barns - Toronto, Ontario
An award-winning project to transform an abandoned industrial heritage site into a multi-purpose facility, while creating a transit-supportive, pedestrian-oriented environment and high quality public open spaces.

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Employment Lands

Technology Square - Cambridge, Massachusetts link opens new window (PDF document, opens a new window PDF 2.3 MB) 
A recent intensification and renovation of a 1960s office complex, transforming it into an office and mixed-use employment area.

Technopôle Angus - Montreal, Quebec  link opens new window (PDF document, opens a new window PDF 3.9 MB)
An ongoing redevelopment of a former brownfield site into an urban business park that includes significant environmental sustainability features and adaptive reuse of an historic industrial building.

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Intensification Corridors

Rosslyn-Ballston Metro Corridor - Arlington, Virginia link opens new window (PDF document, opens a new window PDF 3.8 MB) 
An award-winning redevelopment and intensification of five subway station areas on an existing regional subway line, transforming it into a mixed-use corridor, focused around transit, that preserves the adjacent stable residential neighbourhoods. 

Portland Downtown Streetcar Corridor - Portland, Oregon link opens new window (PDF document, opens a new window PDF 3.0 MB)
A streetcar line that stimulated intensification, increased densities, mixed-use development, and brownfield redevelopment along its corridor.

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Public Realm Improvements

King Street Reconstruction - Kitchener, Ontario
An award-winning street reconstruction project to revitalize six blocks of underused traditional main street in Downtown Kitchener. The project transformed the street into a vibrant, lively, pedestrian-oriented space, and resulted in increased pedestrian traffic and economic activity downtown.

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